Gocycle G3



Prepare for the next generation of bicycle – The Gocycle® G3 creates a riding experience with all the joy and none of the hassle of maneuvering a full-size bicycle. Agile enough for tight city traffic, and with a two-wheel drive electric motor easy enough to make a daily commute. You can even stow it on your boat for when you need those last minute supplies before setting off from the dock.

The G3 is available with three options packs: the “Base Pack” adds several useful add-ons for ease-of use and security. The “Commuter Pack” is a must have for anyone using their Gocycle for commuting. And finally, the “Portable Pack” makes storing and transporting your Gocycle easy and always charged.

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  • The Goycle G3 now has a range of 50 miles, 10 miles more than the G2.
  • It is a foldable eBike, so you can store it under your desk at work and take it on the train.
  • It is one of the lightest production eBikes around at only 36lbs.
  • It is the first eBike to include a Daytime Running Light (DRL), improving your visibility on the road, day and night by using the Gocycle Patented Light Pipe Design.
  • All of the G3’s settings can be configured using the new and improved Gocycle Connect App. The App also provides information about your journey, the calories you have burned and the amount of fuel you have saved by using the Gocycle G3 instead of a car.
  • The G3 has a 10 mile longer range than the G2 provided by its 25% higher capacity Panasonic Lithium Ion Battery and newly designed battery management system, that improves charging and sleep management.
  • The G3 includes a patented Hexlock System that locks the wheels in place with a single click.
  • Ergonomic Grips with integrated two way rotary shifter for easier power shifting and DRL control.
  • New and improved brakes levers and dashboard display.
Frame Color White, Electric Blue, Matte Black
PitstopWheel® Patented PitstopLock™ system
PitstopWheel® Color Gloss Black
Motor Drive Control Pedal Torque Sensing
Daytime Running Light (DRL)** Gocycle Proprietary Light Pipe Technology, 4 running modes, user selectable
Smart Device Connectivity GocycleConnect® App via wireless Bluetooth®
Riding Modes City, Eco, On-Demand, Custom. Multiple, programmable through interactive dashboard functions or GocycleConnect App
Electric Drive Speed*** 20 mph
Range 25% increased battery capacity extening range up to 80km (50 miles), depending on pedal input
Motor Gocycle proprietary motor gear drive 500 watt continuous
Battery Gocycle proprietary Battery Management System (BMS) with improved sleep power management and charge control, increase capacity in frame lithium ion, 13.5Ah, 22V, Approximately 300 Wh
Charging 7 hour full recharge
Motor Controller Gocycle proprietary
Handlebar Display Integrated dashboard display with fuel gauge, speed, gear, efficiency
Shifting Gocycle electronic Predictive Shifting™
Transmission Patented Cleandrive® Shimano Nexus 3-speed
Gear Inches 1st= 39.1in | 2nd= 53.3in | 3rd= 72.5in
Gear Development 1st= 3.1m | 2nd= 4.3m | 3rd= 5.8m
Brakes Hydraulic Disks Front and Rear
Tires Gocycle Performance Tire (406-50, 20 x 1.75in)
Front Motor Fork Gocycle proprietary, single-sided, 6061 T6, fixed
Rear Suspension Gocycle Lockshock™ 1in (25mm) travel
Saddle Velo D2 Comfort
Frame Size and Fit Universal Vgonomic™
Handlebar Stem Quick-folding with reach and height adjustment with enhanced cable routing and improved headset adjustment
Head Angle 70°
Seat Tube Angle 68°
Wheelbase 42in (1065mm)
Bottom Bracket Height 11.5in (275mm)
Stowable Dimensions New Portable Docking Station for easy stowing and transport (L780mm x W370mm x H580mm)
Approximate Weight 35.9lbs (16.3kg)
Maximum Rider Weight**** 220lbs (100kg) including clothing and luggage

*Technical specifications subject to change without notice.

** The purpose of the DRL is to enhance visibility of the Gocycle to other road users only. It is not intended to be a substitute for front and rear lights and should be accompanied with an additional set of front and rear lights approved for the territory you are riding. We recommend that you consult the relevant national safety organization or a reputable cycle dealer on what the minimum recommended lighting requirements are in your particular country or region.

***Electric bicycle speed regulations vary by country—consult your local authority for information.

****This product has been designed with a maximum recommended weight limit of 220lbs (100kg) for the rider, clothing and all luggage, and is intended for use on paved roads. For rider and luggage weight 220-250lbs (100-115kg): riding style, road condition, tire pressures and luggage position may reduce product service life. Luggage weight should not exceed 10% of total rider and luggage weight. Never exceed rider and luggage weight of 250lbs (115kg) at any time. Exceeding this limit will void all warranties and may result in the product being unsafe for operation.

Base Pack

The G3 kickstand is made of durable and strong aluminum with dual legs to stand your Gocycle upright securely. Dual piston spring design and double bearing support give the kickstand a smooth and strong folding action.
Fold Leg
The fold leg provides support for the Gocycle G3 when folded down so that you can rest it on the floor in an upright position.
Cable lock assembly with 1066 lock pin. Lockable without key.

Commuter Pack

Integrated Light Kit
The G3 light kit uses Gocycle’s internal battery to power bright front and rear mounted lights. German made, the LED lights are a must for commuting in the dark.
Front Mudguard with Mounting Kit
Durable with rubber ducktail for increased protection. G3 mounting brackets allow fine-angle adjustment and quick removable fastening.
Rear Mudguard with Mounting Kit
Durable with rubber ducktail for increased protection. G3 mounting brackets allow fine-angle adjustment and quick removable fastening.

Portable Pack

Portable Docking Station
A clean and moulded deck design makes for intuitive stowing and the stable four caster-wheel base allows for effortless transpiration. The cover is made of a durable material with a zip fastener for total protection.
Folding Pedals (Pair)
Durable, high-quality folding pedal, made from fiberglass reinforced nylon with ball bearings for smooth operation. When folded, the spring loaded pedal reduces its size to only 55mm. Includes reflectors.
Pedal Spanner with Gocycle Logo
Pedal spanner (15mm) with Gocycle logo. Carbon Steel. For removal and replacement of pedals. Thermoplastic rubber for comfort.


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